City Launches Parking App

The City of Saskatoon has launched a new parking app that will allows citizens to pay for parking through a mobile app.

Quick tips from the City’s news release:

  • When using the WayToPark app, enter zone 6001
  • Customers are responsible for entering the correct license plate (Bylaw 7200)
  • Customers must ensure they create and complete a valid pay transaction
  • Customers can only park as long as the sign indicates
  • Balances on a parking purchase can be carried forward to another parking space on a different block face
  • Additional parking time can be purchased, but only up to the posted maximum allowable time


More information, as well as direct app downloads, can be found through the following links: 

  2. Getting Started with the WayToPark App (PDF)
  3. WayToPark Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  4. Apple (iOS App Store) App Download
  5. Android (Google Play) App Download